About Sri Lanka Directory

The Sri Lanka Directory Australia (www.SriLankaDirectory.com.au) is the first of its kind that covers every single state and territory in Australia, and in the sense of it being a community directory too it's also the avant garde so to say in the category of data literature among over 160 communities in the vast social mosaic of Australia). The chief objective of the Directory is to serve as a motivator for growth of the growing number of Sri Lankan businesses across Australia via appropriate information fed to that sector through print media, web and mobile communication avenues.

About Ravsfm

Ravsfm.com (www.Ravsfm.com) is the first ever web radio to be launched by Sri Lankans domiciled in Australia and has already ensconced itself as a firm favourite in the multi-ethnic Sri Lankan community that is spread out over the entire Australian landscape. The radio covers any and everything to do with events, achievements etc relating to Sri Lankans in Australia. Our advice is that anyone wanting to know anything about the Sri Lankan community in Australia would do well to log into this web radio. Anyone wanting to contribute anything by way of news and pics pertaining to Sri Lankan in Australia can reach the web editor clicking the relevant link. The new kid on the block as it were, this dynamic web radio has already notched up some notable achievements which have drawn the applause of Sri Lankan Australians as well as native Australians. Ravsfm.com is:-

  • The 1st. Web radio operated by Sri Lankans in Australia
  • 1st. Web radio to broadcast live from groceries and restaurants in Australia
  • 1st. Radio to podcast with Apple iTunes Inc. USA
  • The producer of the ' Sri Lanka Directory' that covers all states in Australia and has the
  • Reputation of being the "Most crowded event organizer" published by Sri Lankans in Australia.

  • The Sri Lanka Guide

    The Sri Lanka Guide is a comprehensive tour guide for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Its contents are tailored to enhance the natural beauty, cultural heritage, multi-ethno religious facets in the country, its centres of the arts and culture, its aesthetic features, its central highlands and lush green undulating lowlands which run after the many rivers which originate in the hill country to spread north, south, east and west of the country. Efforts are being consistently made to ensure that the 'Sri Lanka Guide' meets international standards in style and presentation/textual content etc and is written up in a way that is aimed at saving a tourists’ time, effort and money which would otherwise be frittered away on fruitless or exhaustive searches to reach this or that tour destination ion the country. Issued free to tourists at ever entry point into the country the 'Sri Lanka Guide' can be found not only at airports but also at star class hotels and is also available at overseas tour operators' offices. The state-of-the-art website, theSriLankaGuide.com is a flash page flipping version of the printed edition meant to cater to a wider spectrum of tourists around the globe and is supported with iPad, iPhone and Android applications will be launched soon as a free Sri Lankan tourism promotion initiative

    award to rsp holdings chairman Ravindra Sri Panditharathne