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The Sri Lanka Guide is a comprehensive tour guide magazine published by the R SP Holdings Pvt.Ltd. We periodically publish international news magazines showcasing Sri Lanka’s incomparable wealth of tourism attractions at globally significant events held in Sri Lanka. This is our core objective in the corporate world.


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We welcome you to Sri Lankans’ most comprehensive and informative travel guide, The Sri Lanka Guide. Sri Lanka has is Prestigious history for more than 5000 years and it is of course a super paradise island on Earth since the nature was born. The Sri Lanka Guide is explaining about this splendid island and its contents with highly trustful and the time you spend on our magazine be filled with exciting experiences and memories of which you carry long after you leave …

This is a comprehensive tour guide for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Its contents are tailored to enhance the natural beauty, cultural heritage, multi-ethno religious facets in the country, its centers of the arts and culture, its aesthetic features, its central highlands and lush green undulating lowlands which run after the many rivers which originate in the hill country to spread north, south, east and west of the country. Efforts are being consistently made to ensure that the ‘Sri Lanka Guide’ meets international standards in style and presentation/textual content etc and is written up in a way that is aimed at saving a tourists’ time, effort and money which would otherwise be frittered away on fruitless or exhaustive searches to reach this or that tour destination ion the country. Issued free to tourists at ever entry point into the country the ‘Sri Lanka Guide’ can be found not only at airports but also at star class hotels and is also available at overseas tour operators’ offices.

The state-of-the-art website, is a flash page flipping version of the printed edition meant to cater to a wider spectrum of tourists around the globe and is supported with iPad, iPhone and Android applications will be launched soon as a free Sri Lankan tourism promotion initiative.

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Discover, read, and plan your trips with the Sri Lanka guide. We invite you to get the Travel memories you’ll never forget.

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