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R S P Holdings, the place where all your desires satisfied.

R S P Holdings is a group of companies based in Australia and Sri Lanka. It is today, Sri Lankans most awarded brand creator in Australia. Firstly RAVSFM.COM and its power used to build SRI LANKA DIRECTORY (SLD) and now celebrating SLD’s 10th anniversary on 2020 with its 9th publication. ESEVA.LK is another subsidiary company and it is the Sri Lankans’ best services hub platform for people who domiciled overseas looking for Sri Lankan service providers’ support. THE SRI LANKA GUIDE is another award winning publication by the company and it is evidenced of Sri Lanka’s tourism and tourism attractions while ADAGRA PRO doing its maximum to the subsidiaries of R S P Holdings and their clients with technological and social media presence.

History of RSP Holdings Private Limited

Founding Chairman of the R S P Holdings group, Ravindra Sri Panditharatne, launched into business in 1993, eleven years prior to establishing the group as a collective entity in 2004 as limited liability companies in Sri Lanka. Business opened with becoming a pivotal supplier of sarongs and umbrellas to the then pioneer Nugegoda fashion store, the Wijaya group that is today a market leader under the name of CIB Garments.

Breaking into the Tea Industry.

A couple of years later he made an entry into the tea industry armed with finance raised exclusively through his income from the garments trade. Buying bulk BOPF teas he packed and sold consignments under the trade name of ‘ King’s Teas ’ exclusively to the hotels industry including the Trans Asia Hotel that is today’s plush ‘ Cinnamon Lakeside’.

Computers & Peripherals:

The year 1999 was opportune for him to go ahead registering NINE TECHNOLOGIES to supply computer parts and services on tender to local schools. This led, in 2002, to imports of nearly new computers from Australia to meet niche demands in the local market, providing repair and after sales services with his brother Sanjeewa.

He then felt led in 2002 to join the National Youth Council to get thoroughly acquainted with youth aspirations in the country since he felt that the day’s youth would form the underpinning of future markets. He later joined IDM Computer Studies as an instructor cum lecturer in computing and thus went deeper into the educational aspects of the computer industry. He was ready to take on the burgeoning IT industry in Sri Lanka which was a major option as a future business venture area.

Precious Gems:

Introduced to a gem merchant in Ratnapura he ventured into trading internationally in precious stones such as Rubies, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphires, Star Sapphires and the Cat’s Eye market while also supplying to showrooms in Kandy.

Incorporation of R S P Holdings:

With 11 years behind him dabbling in all these areas he had accrued a vast storehouse of market knowledge, and surmounting various challenges he confidently registered R S P Holdings group as limited liability companies. Most importantly, he personally prepared and typed the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company.


R S P Holdings has it’s unique way of advertising in Sri Lanka, Australia and also other regions where Sri Lankans domiciled. Specially for overseas clients via e-mail promotions, web promotions and the newspaper, radio media based in appropriate countries. Registered the business ADAGRA CREATIVES Pvt Ltd as an advertising agency in Sri Lanka on 24th April 2013 and ADAGRA PROMOTERS in Australia.


Travel & Tourism:

with the vast experience of facilitating promoting the tourism industry in Australia and other countries for his clients from Sri Lanka, chairman has decided the to establish the inbound tourism first then outbound and thereafter, ticketing as well. Registered the business HELADIVA TRAVELS & TRAILS Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka on 18th August 2015.

Corporate Vision & Mission


To become the country’s benchmark in the industry of tourism and travel promotion while simultaneously being in sync with the nation’s focus on measured economic expansion.


Our mission is simply to ensure that there’s no limited circulation of our flagship company’s publication, the SRI LANAK GUIDE, reaches every significant player in the global world of tourism for the objective of playing the role of a catalyst in enhancing the tourism development drive globally.


To become a dominant voice for the industry as well as doping our share of promoting the development and welfare of Mother Lanka.

We shall remain ever committed to broadcasting in the four corners of the world the plethora of Lanka’s stupendous cultural, architectural edifices some of which are even to this day being unearthed after centuries of being buried in the ruins of yesteryear.

Our Subsidiaries

The RSP Holdings  established back in the mid 1990’s needed some catalyst to move up into their next level of growth and it was with this objective in mind that R S P Holdings was established in 2004 to add that impetus which has since proved its worth in many ways, giving direction and motivation for growth as well as diversification. That catalyst led to the establishment of its Australian arm under the name of R S P Holdings (Australia) Pty. Ltd out of which grew subsidiary companies.  At RSP, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in Rapidly changing economic world.