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We achieved them because of you

Our Success

We achieved all these because of your trust on our group, RSP Holdings Pvt.Ltd.

We RSP Holdings have received number of prestigious awards of excellence in business as well as marketing for our outstanding performances both in Australia and Sri Lanka.

We firmly believe that your desires are highly important to us and cater more precious moment in sooner than later. That’s because, we know you trust us and share your dreams with us.

About RSP Holdings

R S P Holdings Pvt.Ltd – A Duo-Nation based Conglomerate established in year 2000 in Sri Lanka 2009 Australia.

Welcome then to the rich and viviparous grandeur  of Sri Lanka where her traditional warm hospitality will never  fail to make you wish you could repeat a visitor to these beautiful shore. 

R S P Holdings Pvt.Ltd is synonymous with the boldness of our vision to take Sri Lanka to every doorstep in the world. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary irrevocably focused on our vision.

“We Love Your dreams. Thriving to be the most powerful and strongest social media agency and real estate agency supporting to achieve your dreams.”
Mr.Ravindra Sri Panditharathne
Entrepreneur | Chairman, R S P Holdings