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Wish People

Wanna support people in poverty and uplift their lives but don’t know who to trust? We know it’s important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It’s important to us, too. Wish People Incorporated is legally registered charitable association in Australia and Sri Lanka.


About Wish People


We, Wish People are based in Australia and registered as an association in July 2020 but the our supports to people going back to the year 2007 as the Founder/President of the association Mr. Ravindra Sri Panditharathne supported with his personally earned and with collection from his grown family of seven members with money, knowledge and efforts to people who were need shelter for their safety, food for their survival, education for their careers and also supports for their business.

It was a year politically and culturally impacted to Sri Lanka’s economy.  Entire Panditharathne family members are donors from their childhood as their Mother and Father were super donors at village temple’s charity foundation and village’s welfare organizations.

By the end of 2010 they were supported thousands of people for shelter, food, education and businesses. Migrated to Australia in 2003 and 2009 received his Australian Citizenship and 2016 became Sri Lanka Dual Citizenship as well. He is the Founder Chairman of R S P Holdings Pvt.Ltd Sri Lanka Australia and Today, R S P Holdings is the Sri Lankans’ most awarded group of companies in Australia.


We, WishPeople supporting needy people to become successful whatever the industry they serve as well as to find best suitable pathway for their living and succeeding. Supporting with wishes, guidance, food and money with a solid platform in Australia and other countries. Let’s give every child and every person a greener and fairer world to grow up in.

Wish foundation is registered in Australia as well as Sri Lanka.

Registration Numbers:

Australia –  A0110457G  

Sri Lanka – G A 00263303

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We are committed to doing the work and challenging each other to be an organization in which everyone is respected and heard.